We went to the Food and Beverage this last January with a couple of friends.
It was an amazing event! From the friendly greeters at the door – (wine glasses handed to you on the way in) to the layout of the show – it was great! There was a good variety of vendors to explore and sample during the evening. The food and drink samples were of a great assortment. I’m sure that everyone was able to find something to please their tastes. The casino table was a fun distraction as well. It was a bit too crowded in the walk ways at times – I guess that’s a result of so much interest in the Expo – not a bad thing. I think the minimum quantity of sample tickets that could have been purchased was $25 this year. In my opinion, I think that the $20 that was the minimum the previous year would be more welcome to some people. Chances are they would buy more than one package, but it’s sometimes more of a “mental” thing. A little more walking around area would be an improvement, but all in all, it was a wonderfully planned out and executed event!!! Good job and thank you to all the organizers!