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I went to the expo last night with little to no expectations. What I left with was a night of amazing foods, delicious craft beers, and an appreciation for wines. My only criticism is that there was no way to buy a bottle of wine or case of beer of the samples we liked (aside from going to the store), also would have been even better with a couple live bands playing at different ends of the facility. Looking forward to next years event!!! This time a little more planning on my part, I missed a few booths, and didn’t bring enough friends.

Branden Johnston

Easily the best trade shows in Alberta. The staff are incredibly helpful, organized and upbeat it is a pleasure working with them. The smaller communities are usually passed over for events like these and have turned out to be some of the most responsive customers to tastings i have seen showing up in the thousands. It has made a huge difference in our bottom line and sales have gone up in every show city year after year. We are proud to be a key sponsor and can’t wait until the next show.

Andy Volstad
Southern Aberta Manager / Highwood Distillers

This event was excellent!! Not only did it give us the opportunity to showcase our products we were able to recover our costs and then some. The atmosphere was electric and we had line ups of customers all night. Can’t wait until the next event!

Partner / OMG! Cupcakes!

We had a great experience with AFB this last year. It was a great way to showcase our local food in a market that was still learning about our great products. We look forward to participating again next year!!

General Manager / Maddhatters

We were approached to participate in the 2017 Food and Beverage expo in our businesses first year of opening. Since we were already looking for fun and different avenues for advertising we decided to give it a shot. It has been by far the best advertising decision we have made to date. Not only was it a fun and exciting event, our business was able to network with a plethora of other small businesses in the community. We ran our “Roma” sandwich at the expo and since the event this has become our most popular menu item! We have people coming in asking what the sandwich was that we had at the Food and Beverage expo because they enjoyed it so much. As a small business owner I would highly recommend participating in this kind of an event; it is the perfect way to spread your word of mouth advertising while having a blast doing so! A huge thanks to Chris and the team at the 2017 Food and Beverage Expo for inviting us to participate in such a fantastic community event!

-Lindsay & James Brown owner/operators of The Hot Wire Panini

Lindsay Brown

We went to the Food and Beverage this last January with a couple of friends.
It was an amazing event! From the friendly greeters at the door – (wine glasses handed to you on the way in) to the layout of the show – it was great! There was a good variety of vendors to explore and sample during the evening. The food and drink samples were of a great assortment. I’m sure that everyone was able to find something to please their tastes. The casino table was a fun distraction as well. It was a bit too crowded in the walk ways at times – I guess that’s a result of so much interest in the Expo – not a bad thing. I think the minimum quantity of sample tickets that could have been purchased was $25 this year. In my opinion, I think that the $20 that was the minimum the previous year would be more welcome to some people. Chances are they would buy more than one package, but it’s sometimes more of a “mental” thing. A little more walking around area would be an improvement, but all in all, it was a wonderfully planned out and executed event!!! Good job and thank you to all the organizers!

Wendy Borthwick
Controller / Bridge City Chrysler

Best Event Of The Year

I normally don’t write testimonials, but I felt compelled to write this after my wife and I attended the 2015 Alberta Food & Beverage Expo. We had heard about the Expo through a few friends that had been years past but I had not gone as I felt it looked to be a very expensive event. All I can say is, this event had tremendous value and like their advertisement said, it truly was the social event of the year. Between my wife and myself, we spent a total of $90.00 for the evening but sampled far more than that in both food & drink. We sampled both food & drink that we would have never tried otherwise and my wife has now found her new favorite wine and I have found my new favorite beer. Not to mention amazing restaurants that for some reason we had never been to and now frequent on a regular basis. And let’s not forget about all the gift certificates we left with. I think we had around $250 dollars in really good gift certificates that we fully intend to use up before the 2016 Expo. Who knew Lethbridge had so many great restaurants! We are now in love with the Wooden Shoe and their amazing meats and cheeses. We can’t wait to go to the next Expo to see what’s new and to have a great night out.

Thanks to all the Alberta Food & Beverage Staff for putting on a truly great event and for making a believer out of a skeptic! See you all next year!

Chris Lane

Chris Lane

Great show

Awesome had the greatest time there, plus the value I got as a sponsor of the show was way better than any other form of advertising I have tried

DBD Marketing
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